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16 Ways to Improve Your Salon’s Ambiance and Attract More Customers

By Ezra Cabrera | August 30, 2019
beauty salon financing

The salon industry is customer service-oriented. This means that customer satisfaction should be the core…

Top 5 Estimating Software for Construction Companies

By Ezra Cabrera | August 28, 2019
construction software

What happens if you don’t accurately estimate the cost of a construction project?

Invoice Financing: Funding for Businesses with Bad Credit

By Ezra Cabrera | August 27, 2019
Funding for Businesses

It’s a well-known fact that small businesses have a hard time qualifying for loans, especially from banks.

6 Unexpected Expenses that Catch Businesses Off Guard | SMB Compass

By Ezra Cabrera | August 24, 2019
small business expenses

Underestimating the cost of managing a business is often the most common mistakes

Why an Inventory Loan is Important | SMB Compass

By Ezra Cabrera | August 23, 2019
inventory loan

If you don’t have enough inventory to meet the demands of your customers, your business could be in trouble.

4 Popular Trends in the Hotel Industry to Watch Out For | SMB Compass

By Ezra Cabrera | August 21, 2019
hotel trends

What does it take to run a successful hotel amid a competitive industry?

4 Tips in Starting a Profitable Staffing Agency

By Ezra Cabrera | August 20, 2019

Entrepreneurs can attest that staffing businesses can be profitable under the proper management.

6 Crucial Factors that Affect Your Cash Flow

By Ezra Cabrera | August 16, 2019
bank bank notes cash

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to know that healthy cash flow is necessary to run a business effectively.

Is Invoice Financing the Best Option for Your Business?

By Ezra Cabrera | August 15, 2019
invoice financing best option

Not many people know about invoice financing, however, it is a proven and viable funding solution for small businesses.

5 Tips to Starting a Profitable Toy Business

By Ezra Cabrera | August 9, 2019
Profitable Toy Business

Did you know that the toy industry accounted for $28 billion in annual revenues in 2018?