SBA Loan

Business Loan Requirements

A Comprehensive Guide to Business Loan Requirements

By Ezra Cabrera / February 10, 2022

Business loans can provide various benefits to almost any type of business.

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SBA Announces $3 million grant to bolster small business cybersecurity

By Serine Alejandro / January 30, 2022

To curb the looming threats of a cyber-attack, the Small Business Administration (SBA) recently announced…

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SBA Loans: Eligibility, Rates, Fees, and Terms

By Dane Panes / January 21, 2022

Businesses often find themselves in need of additional funds to cover growth initiatives…

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how to start a restaurant

How to Start A Restaurant Business in 2022

By Serine Alejandro / January 14, 2022

Starting a restaurant is a rewarding experience, but how do you actually make it happen?

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Best small business loans to lower restaurant debt

Best small business loans to lower restaurant debt

By Serine Alejandro / October 21, 2021

If you’re a restaurant owner, you know that delivering the best restaurant experience to your customers …

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SBA Guarantee Fees

What are the SBA Guarantee Fees? | SMB Compass

By Ezra Cabrera / July 12, 2021

SBA guarantee fees are fees that the Small Business Administration charge lenders on government-backed loans.

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sba loan and how they work

SBA FAQ: What are SBA Loans? | SMB Compass

By Ezra Cabrera / July 12, 2021

Businesses of every size will most likely need outside financing at some point in their lifespan.

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long term loans examples

5 Types of Long-Term Business Loans for Entrepreneurs

By Ezra Cabrera / January 16, 2021

Are you planning to expand your small business in the future?

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sba loans

5 Ways to Protect Your Business During the COVID-19 Outbreak

By Ezra Cabrera / April 14, 2020

A few months ago, it was business as usual – cities were bustling with life

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personal guarantee sba loans

Why Do Lenders Need Personal Guarantees for SBA Loans?

By Ezra Cabrera / September 19, 2019

There’s a clear distinction between your personal and business assets.

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