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How can I get funding for my construction business?

Waiting for your general contractor or commercial client to pay you? 30, 60, and 90 days to get paid can put a strain on your company’s cash flow. Regardless of the size of your business or your specialty, custom small business solutions are often needed for specialty contractors. Having capital available for you when you need to lay out money for materials, equipment, and labor, is crucial for day to day operations and expansion. If you’re looking for a custom financial solution, SMB Compass can help you secure funding in as little as 24 hours.


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How can I use a loan for my construction company?

Construction Business Loans for a specialty contractor can be used for inventory, materials, equipment, debt refinance, general working capital, or expansion. Here are the most common programs that contractors turn to SMB Compass for:

Purchase New Inventory

New Technology or Equipment

Auto Repairs & Sales

Working Capital

Why SMB Compass?

SMB Compass has many years of experience providing construction business loans to construction companies. Our CEO, Matthew Gillman, grew up in a family of contractors and lenders, from an early age he an understanding from both sides of the table. A grandfather who was an Excavation and Plumbing Contractor, who focused on government contracts, hearing the the complaints of slow paying customers was a daily occurrence. Not only did Matthew’s grandfather have to deal with laying out money for materials and labor, but billing was either in arrears, with the friendly government terms of 60 days, or paid when paid, which caused other problems. From the time that money was laid out for materials and payroll, to the time that he was paid, would typically be between 90 and 100 days. Now how to do you operate a business with weekly payroll, a constant need for materials, but you have to wait almost 100 days to be paid?

It always felt like he was behind, unable to catch up, and the worst of it all there was opportunity to do 10 times the amount of business, but without the working capital this wasn’t even remotely an option, or frankly, even a thought.

This is what drove my passion for small business lending, how can I help companies like my grandfather stop thinking about the tight cash in the bank and start focusing on the business, new clients, customer service, and GROWTH.

There are many forms of financing that specialty contractors can use to help with capital constraints and slow paying customers. It’s important to note that one solution may be best for one company, and the wrong solution for another.

I started this business to help businesses solve the financing problems they face. If you have the clients, have the pipeline, then why should capital be the noose that’s strangling your growth?

Interested in learning about your financing options?
Speak with a lending expert today!

Interested in learning about your financing options? Speak with a lending expert today!