Debt Advisory

About Our Debt Advisory Group

About Our Debt Advisory Group

SMB Compass Debt Advisory Group focuses on structuring and placing tailored financing options for companies. As an independent firm, SMB moves efficiently through engagements and its advisors execute with the best interest of the client in mind. We are fully invested in finding the appropriate financing path for our clients. Founded by former lending professionals, SMB Compass has deep-rooted relationships within the lending marketplace. Our partners are a combination of lending institutions across the credit spectrum. We work with Banks, Specialty Finance Companies, Family Offices, and Private Equity groups. Our mission is to develop a path for companies and lenders to work with efficiency and transparency. As a liaison to our partners and clients, we think that all parties in a refinancing process can benefit from a thorough and thought-out process. Our firm and our professionals deliver “Efficiency by way of transparency“.

The SMB Process

SMB was founded with the purpose of providing entrepreneurs and businesses, in numerous industries, with a transparent and effective advisory tool to navigate through the challenges of a capital raise. Our advisors invest countless hours to work with clients to develop a strategy and process that best fits the particular situations of our clients. For us, our process all starts with our relationships. Our professionals have cultivated long-standing and deep relationships with partners and clients. We work with an exclusive yet robust channel of financing and lending relationships. Most debt raising processes are filled with gaps, friction points, and time absorbing tasks. For potential borrowers, the process can be a burden on the company. For lenders, there are risks in the amount of time and effort spent on any one transaction that may or may not lead to a closing. There’s an opportunity risk for one and all involved. Our methodology of “Efficiency by way of transparency” allows for a smooth financing process that attacks and removes all these gaps and friction points. Our approach and goals are to provide a thoughtful process to all parties involved in financing.

Our Clients

Our clients are Privately-Owned or Sponsor-Owned companies that are based in the U.S. The typical client we work with has a time-sensitive financing need due to a combination of multiple factors. See below a representative summary of who and what makes up our ideal client:

Client Characteristics:


Private or Family Operated

100% Sponsor Owned


$5MM – $500MM in Revenues


Financing Needs between $1MM-25MM




Change in Management or Partner Buyouts

In Workout or Seeking an exit with a lending institution


Our Lending  Partners

Our Lending


Our lending partner’s platform is made up of a base of large and small institutions. On a nation-wide level, we have distinct and deep-rooted relationships with all of our lending partners. Our platform includes the following types of lenders:

Regional, Community, and National Banks

Bank Groups

Business Banking

Commercial Lending

Asset Based Lending Groups

Middle Market Lending Groups

Hedge funds
Family Offices
SBA and USDA Lenders
Specialty Finance

Asset Based Lending Finance Companies

Factoring Companies

Purchase Order Funders

Bridge Lenders

Real Estate Lenders


Lending Solutions

SMB Compass is deeply rooted in the Commercial Finance space. With personal relationships and established partnerships, we provide sound market feedback and advice on what financing solutions work best for our clients. Our experience in structuring loans from $1MM up to $25MM enables us to provide broad and extensive financing options with an industry-agnostic approach. We take control of the process and we aid in a historically cumbersome process for our clients. We seek to be a catalyst in the debt-raising path and provide the clearest and most direct approach to a successful closing of commercial loans. Through a refined and strategic approach, we create operational and underwriting efficiencies for our clients and lending partners. SMB Compass helps clients structure and arrange credit facilities with expertise in the following structures:
Lending Partner image
First-Lien & Senior Secured Loans

Asset-based Loans

Accounts Receivable Financing

Revolving Lines of Credit

Collateralized by Accounts Receivable, Inventory or Machinery & Equipment, and Real Estate

SBA loans 7(a) and 504 & USDA Loans

Asset Based Term Loans

Collateralized by Machinery & Equipment, Owner Occupied Real Estate, and Intellectual Property

Cash Flow Based Term loans

Unitranche Financing

Non-Dilutive Growth Capital

Split-Lien and Second Lien Loans

Carve-out negotiations


Junior Debt

Bridge Financing

Case Studies

Situation # 1
Food manufacturer with the following characteristics:

Major losses in previous 2 FYE

Understaffed Accounting and Finance Team

Bank was within formula but had concerns given the lack of reporting

The company was in default for 18 months


SMB provided a refinancing option after spending time with the company to understand their situation and potential paths to a refinancing

Negotiated with appraisal companies to start appraisals early prior to engaging lenders

Ran a process that provided a refinancing in 101 days

Paid off bank whole

Situation # 2
Specialty Pharmacy with the following characteristics:

Historically profitable and Cash Flowing business lost its largest customer

Unsophisticated Accounting and Finance systems

Bank was within formula but had concerns given the lack of reporting

They were unable to convert them to their ABL group

The company was in default for 18 months


SMB provided a refinancing option after spending time with the company to understand their situation and potential paths to a refinancing

Negotiated multiple subordinations with key suppliers

Negotiated interim line extension with an existing banking relationship

Refinancing took 75 days from start to finish

Paid off bank whole

Situation # 3
Digital Advertising Company with the following characteristics:

Historical losses

Complex Billing and Client Contracts made it challenging for most AR financing structures

Working Capital Lender was working down on their loan and restricting availability on their line of credit

The Company had paid thousands of dollars in due diligence fees and had failed to find the proper lending partner


SMB provided a refinancing option after spending time with the company to understand their situation and potential paths to a refinancing

SMB helped refinance the incumbent in 60 days with a new lender that provided true availability on their pledged receivables

Reduced overall cost of capital

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