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    Late-paying clients and a complex billing structure made this digital advertising company we were working with suffer major losses. And it didn’t help that working capital lenders restrict availability on their line of credit. SMB Compass stepped in and made sure the company has the funding they need to move its business forward.

    Client Characteristics:

    • Historical losses
    • Complex Billing and Client Contracts made it challenging for most AR financing structures
    • Working Capital Lenders was working on their loan and restricting availability on their line of credit
    • The company had paid thousands of dollars in due diligence fees and had failed to find the proper lending partner


    • SMB provided a refinancing option after spending time with the company to understand their situation and potential path to refinancing
    • SMB helped refinance the incumbent in 60 days with a new lender that provided a true availability on their pledged receivables
    • Reduced overall cost of capital

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