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Financing for Companies in Mississippi

Mississippi, “The Magnolia State,” is predominantly rural and has relied on the agriculture and manufacturing industries to supplement its economy. As Mississippi’s economy is growing there are more opportunities for other industries to flourish. SMB Compass is proud to work with businesses owners in a wide range of industries throughout Mississippi to secure business financing.

Agriculture Loans in Mississippi

The agricultural industry has always been the backbone of Mississippi’s local economy. There is over ten million acres of fertile farmland throughout Mississippi, the warm climate makes the state a hot bed for harvesting crops. The largest crop produced is cotton; followed by, rice, corn and soybeans.

Mississippi has a lot of livestock, which provides vital revenue for the local economy. It is common in Mississippi for a larger business to rely on goods produced from a small business. A small business loan in Mississippi allows businesses to finance the expenses that come with fulfilling large orders. It is important for business owners to properly manage cash flow; business loans help businesses operate efficiently.

Manufacturing Loans in Mississippi

The manufacturing industry provides a large amount of jobs and revenue for Mississippi’s local economy. Manufacturing loans in Mississippi provide working capital to cover upfront and overhead expenses. Mississippi’s accessibility to export goods to other states and country’s greatly benefits their manufacturing industry. The Mississippi River flows all the way into the Atlantic Ocean, which is connected by the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River generates close to $500 billion in revenue and produces over 1.5 million jobs annually. Equipment financing and business loans in Mississippi assist with expenses and the purchase of machinery and equipment.

Hotel Loans and Restaurant Loans in Mississippi

As other industries have experienced growth throughout the state, the hotel and restaurant industries are presented with more opportunities. Hotel and Restaurant loans in Mississippi provide financing for expansion and overhead expenses. Seasonality is common in these industries and it’s important that businesses have the proper financing to be successful. Business owners have to account for inventory, labor, and other added expenses that can put a strain on cash flow in the business. Business loans assure that there is working capital in place to operate efficiently and take advantage of new opportunities. Smart businesses owners have standby capital and financing to be prepared for any circumstance.

Small Business Loans in Mississippi

Here are the many ways to use a small business loan in Mississippi

  • Acquire small business loans
  • Refinance existing loans and credit card debt
  • Purchase or refinance commercial real estate
  • Buy or lease machinery and equipment
  • Purchase inventory and raw materials
  • Improve cash flow
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Upgrade technology and business software
  • Renovate existing office space
  • Day-to-day operating expenses

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