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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Entrepreneurial Marketing


Small Business Financing, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Content Creation and Management

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Every brand has a story to tell, and Ezra’s job is to produce engaging and educational content that adds value to readers. She is currently a content team lead at SMB Compass, where she has collaborated with several writers and different brands. She makes sure that the blogs, guest posts, and web pages lined up for online publication are up to standard. Since 2016, Ezra has helped small business owners find their voice and make informed decisions through well-written content pieces. Her expertise revolves around small business financing, marketing, and SEO web content writing. When she’s not writing, she is binge-watching true crime, thrillers, and sci-fi movies and series on Netflix, listening to her well-curated (*wink*) Spotify playlists, or spending time with her family. Ezra has been a part of SMB Compass since December 2018.

Articles by Ezra Cabrera


Payroll Loan: A Guide for Small Business Owners

By Ezra Cabrera / June 9, 2022

Your employees expect to get paid on time. But when a pandemic, natural disaster, or even late-paying customers …

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Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing: How to Get Sales Referrals from Your Existing Customers

By Ezra Cabrera / June 1, 2022

Did you know that 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know?

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Factoring Vs. Forfaiting: What’s the Difference?

By Ezra Cabrera / April 13, 2022

Factoring and forfaiting differ in nature, scope, and concept, and each has different sets …

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What You Should Know About Accounts Payable Financing

By Ezra Cabrera / April 13, 2022

Accounts payable financing is a new form of credit where businesses borrow money …

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Xero Books Review: A Comprehensive Guide

By Ezra Cabrera / March 8, 2022

Xero Book is a remarkable accounting software product for small businesses…

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Accounting Made Easy with FreshBooks: A Quick Overview

By Ezra Cabrera / March 8, 2022

FreshBooks is an accounting software that is user-friendly to many small business owners and freelancers.

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12 Money Making Tips For Educators In 2022

By Ezra Cabrera / February 23, 2022

Teachers help mold everyone’s future success in life by igniting a love of learning inside people.

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Understanding Asset-Based Financing Companies

By Ezra Cabrera / February 20, 2022

There are now many asset-based financing companies in the US…

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Average Loan Amounts Provided to Small Businesses

By Ezra Cabrera / February 10, 2022

Business owners must carefully choose the right loan type for their business.

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Business Loan Requirements

A Comprehensive Guide to Business Loan Requirements

By Ezra Cabrera / February 10, 2022

Business loans can provide various benefits to almost any type of business.

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