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Matthew Gillman is the founder and CEO of SMB Compass, a bespoke business financing company focused on providing financing and education to small businesses across the U.S. The company has provided over $250 million to more than 1,250 businesses. Coming from a family of small business owners sparked Matthew’s passion to not only become an entrepreneur, but also to work with his fellow entrepreneurs to build long-lasting relationships.

Articles by Ezra Cabrera

SBA Loans: Who is Eligible for a Small Business Loan in 2022?

By Ezra Cabrera / September 8, 2022

SBA Loans: Who is Eligible for a Small Business Loan in 2022? | Share on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share on Twitter Contents Key Takeaways The Small Business Administration created government-backed loans to help small businesses qualify for reliable financing. To qualify for an SBA loan, you need to meet the SBA’s small business size…

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A Deep Dive Into the History of Invoice Financing

By Ezra Cabrera / August 19, 2022

| Share on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share on Twitter Contents Invoicing is not a modern invention. It has been a useful tool for enterprising individuals since the time of the ancients. Merchants needed a tool to keep track of payments owed and to present proof to their customers. The ancients also used forms of…

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Payroll Loan: A Guide for Small Business Owners

By Ezra Cabrera / June 9, 2022

Your employees expect to get paid on time. But when a pandemic, natural disaster, or even late-paying customers …

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Factoring Vs. Forfaiting: What’s the Difference?

By Ezra Cabrera / April 13, 2022

Factoring and forfaiting differ in nature, scope, and concept, and each has different sets …

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What You Should Know About Accounts Payable Financing

By Ezra Cabrera / April 13, 2022

Accounts payable financing is a new form of credit where businesses borrow money …

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12 Money Making Tips For Educators In 2022

By Ezra Cabrera / February 23, 2022

Teachers help mold everyone’s future success in life by igniting a love of learning inside people.

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Understanding Asset-Based Financing Companies

By Ezra Cabrera / February 20, 2022

There are now many asset-based financing companies in the US…

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Average Loan Amounts Provided to Small Businesses

By Ezra Cabrera / February 10, 2022

Business owners must carefully choose the right loan type for their business.

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Business Loan Requirements

A Comprehensive Guide to Business Loan Requirements

By Ezra Cabrera / February 10, 2022

Business loans can provide various benefits to almost any type of business.

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Asset Management vs Wealth Management

Asset Management vs. Wealth Management: Major Differences You Should Take Note Of

By Ezra Cabrera / February 2, 2022

Even if they seem like interchangeable terms, wealth management and asset management are quite different …

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