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4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Focus on During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Ezra Cabrera | April 22, 2020


    The COVID-19 Outbreak took the world by surprise. In America alone, the virus has infected more than 800,000 people and the numbers are still expected to rise. Unfortunately, the health crisis has also led to an economic decline since businesses have been ordered to close up. Because of this, more entrepreneurs are starting to wonder what will happen to their business. Will quick small business loans help them get through the tough times?

    Loss of profits is decapitating, especially in small businesses. With the lesser resources they have, it can be hard for them to navigate through this challenge without help. Since traditional marketing strategies out of the picture, they can miss out on a lot of opportunities. So, what can they do?

    Digital marketing has been used by a lot of businesses today to market their business to a wide range of audiences. During these challenging times, it’s vital in every business since entrepreneurs can’t go out to do business with other companies. With the little resources they have, they need to be able to assess their current business model to stay profitable.

    What is Digital Marketing?

    Consider how many people rely on the internet these days? There are millions or more, probably. Imagine establishing your business in a place where people from all over the globe can see it. This is what digital marketing does. It lets you interact with your target audience in a place where they go on a day-to-day basis: online.

    In most basic terms, digital marketing refers to marketing efforts done online. Email marketing, PPC ads, and social media marketing are some examples of it. But the types of digital marketing are constantly evolving. This means, one strategy might be effective today and the next thing you know the people have moved on to another one. However, it doesn’t take out the fact that digital marketing has done some great results for many businesses today. Now that mostly all people are stuck at home, entrepreneurs have no other place to go but online. This is why they must invest in digital marketing.

    Digital Marketing Strategies to Focus On

    If you want your business to stay afloat even in the tough times, then digital marketing is your best bet. Here are some areas you can focus on to ensure your business’ survival:

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    1. Social Media Marketing

    With the “stay at home” order in place, people are unable to go to the stores to buy or inquire. As a result, they would find alternative ways to reach you. You, as an entrepreneur, should also consider this fact and make it easier for them to reach you. And what better way to do that than to bring your business online.

    By creating a social media page for your business, you get to connect with your customers in real-time. Through the chat feature, they can easily inquire and ask about the services and products. As for you, you’ll be given the chance to address concerns before it creates a huge impact on your business.

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    2. Guest Posting

    No matter what industry you’re in, chances are, some influencers would be willing to work with you. Besides, famous people also need to earn to survive tough times, too. So, why not take this chance to work with them?

    Ask famous people in your industry to work with you. Whether through video promotions or a blog contribution, there’s a chance that your brand will be visible through a large customer base. Your chance might even go higher if your guest has a lot of followers. If you’re lucky, you may be able to generate online traffic and convert these into sales.

    3. Ads Campaign

    It’s imperative to let your audience know that your business is still operating despite the tough times. Even though your product or services may become less in demand, you still need to market it to remain profitable. The best way to reach the people who are willing to avail is through ads campaign.

    Google and Facebook ads campaigns are one of the most effective channels to advertise your ongoing business. With the number of people on the internet these days, using this strategy will ensure that your business will be visible to people who intend on buying quickly.

    4. SEO

    During these scary times, people are most likely to search the internet for the nearest stores to buy stuff. With that said, you must ensure that your business stays on top of SERPs. You can do this by utilizing local SEO strategies. If done right, this will make your website visible to potential customers near you looking for your products or services.

    Other than that, you also have to make sure to get positive reviews from your customers. Since people are more likely to check reviews before buying, it’s important to build your online reputation to gain profits. This is a tough time, and the best you can do to stay profitable is to get positive feedback.

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    Consider Quick Small Business Loans to Get You Through the Hard Times

    As a business owner, you have to be perceptive of the different marketing strategies available to survive the hard times. Just because you’re forced to stay at home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything productive. It’s the best time to reassess and improve your digital marketing strategies. If money is holding you back in putting your plans in action, consider applying for quick small business loans. The funds from a small business loan can not only pay for your digital marketing efforts, but it can also help your business stay afloat through tough times.

    About the Author

    Ezra Neiel Cabrera has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurial Marketing. Over the last 3 years, she has been writing business-centric articles to help small business owners grow and expand. Ezra mainly writes for SMB Compass, but you can find some of her work in All Business, Small Biz Daily, LaunchHouse, Marketing2Business, and Clutch, among others. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her in bed eating cookies and binge-watching Netflix.