12 Money Making Tips For Educators In 2022

Ezra Cabrera | February 23, 2022


    Teachers help mold everyone’s future success in life by igniting a love of learning inside people. Besides caring for their students, educators also work countless hours preparing lessons and performing other duties that are essential to student growth. Indeed, they serve their communities.

    However, it’s a well-known fact that many teachers turn to side hustles just to make ends meet because of being underpaid despite their dedication and all of their responsibilities. Others might say that a side gig is something that educators shouldn’t have to do, and they should only focus on their current responsibilities. Nonetheless, the majority would surely agree that earning a little extra money on the side will be a wise decision in a world where the economy is swaying back and forth.

    For teachers, it never hurts to use the skills they’ve developed over time if it can help them provide more for their families. But do you know how to make money as a teacher? In this post, you’ll find some of the best side hustles for educators detailed below.

    Teach Online

    Due to the pandemic, online teaching is massive at the moment. In fact, many teachers deliver their daily lessons this way. Teaching online for extra money means jumping back on to Google Meet or Zoom after your regular shift. That puts off some people, which is totally understandable. However, hundreds of companies hire online teachers these days, and the rates can be high if you’re interested.

    Set Up A Blog

    Another way that educators can make extra money is by setting up their own blogs. It only takes as little as 20 minutes to create and start one. You can earn through blogging by displaying advertisements on your website, hosting sponsored content, and becoming an affiliate marketer. Note that you can also make money writing guest posts for other blogs.

    Sell on Amazon

    What’s impressive about building an online business on Amazon is that it doesn’t take a significant amount of money for up-front investment. Teachers can start doing it part-time, with the option to take a full-time entrepreneurial career later. Another excellent thing about selling on Amazon is that you can do everything at home. All you need to do is find great items you can sell for a profit.

    Sell Teaching Resources You’ve Created Yourself

    Educators put so many ideas into lesson plans, worksheets, and flash drives. Allowing these resources to only sit and not earn anything is a shame. eBay, Amazon Ignite, and many other websites offer teachers the chance to earn extra income by polishing up and posting their teaching resources for sale. If you have some materials floating around, try selling them.

    Become an Administrator or Proctor for Standardized Tests

    Test administrators and proctors are needed everywhere there are schools. They ensure that everyone follows all testing procedures and that tests get collected and submitted securely. They’re also responsible for protecting test materials so no one can take them from the testing site. There are also opportunities for administrators or proctors to work from home since schooling has moved online because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Become A Corporate Trainer

    Many companies look for individuals with teaching experience, such as educators. That’s because they need teachers to help them in training employees in various ways. Corporate trainers teach new corporate initiatives and onboard new team members, among other duties.

    If you’re thinking of leaping into a new career in teaching, corporate training is for you, although you can also do it as a part-time hustle.

    Host Airbnb Experiences

    Many people love to book an educational experience, tour, or course through Airbnb to enjoy their time when visiting a new place. Hosting these tourists/visitors by preparing local activities can be a profitable side job for teachers. As an educator, you’re used to speaking to groups of people. Of course, you also know how to teach a focused subject, so everything will work well if you try becoming an Airbnb experiences host. It’s definitely right up your alley, especially if you also find leading tours a fun responsibility.

    Apply as A Summer Camp Counselor

    Did you love spending all day under the gorgeous summer sun in your childhood? How about water balloon fights, playgrounds, as well as arts and crafts? You can relieve these childhood memories by becoming a summer camp counselor.

    It’s not only all about the responsibility to watch children all day if you’re a camp counselor. If you want to, you can also let loose and have fun. And the best thing about this side hustle is that you can earn extra money while enjoying your summer with kids.

    Take A Part-time Voice Over Work

    Educators develop skills at talking because they’re paid to do so every day. That’s why this work is perfect for teachers. Some do English exam listening exercises, while others perform TV and radio commercials.

    There are also freelancing websites that offer voice-over opportunities for clients from across the globe. Pay can vary, but it does pay.

    Become a Babysitter or Nanny

    This tip may be out of the comfort zone of teachers. But, hey, it can still be a source of extra money. Parents always look for someone who can watch after their children when they’re at work or going out of town. Who better to trust than an educator? You can babysit on nights or weekends. It’s a flexible option that earns you some cash while still being able to spend time with your own kids at home.

    Tutor Kids or Adults

    Most educators have done tutoring work at some point in their careers. You may have tutored a friend or a friend’s child before. You may even have taught a friend of a friend who wanted help preparing for an upcoming exam.

    There’s always a need for some expert advice, even in your neighborhood. Whichever subject you teach, you certainly have that specialist knowledge. You can tutor your neighbors’ kids or offer your services by posting on social media so you can connect with anyone interested in getting help from you. Note that freelancing websites also offer tutoring gigs, so you can also check them.


    An effective way for teachers to put their hard-earned cash to work and potentially become a wealth-building passive income is investing. That’s because different forms of investment, such as the stock market and real estate, may allow your money to beat inflation and increase in value. It takes time, but the power of compounding may allow you to make money for your retirement.

    Final Thoughts

    Many teachers see side hustles like the ones mentioned and discussed here in this post as a necessary income supplement. Fortunately, so many money-making options exist these days. You can choose one based on your schedule or lifestyle. Just don’t forget to set goals and learn how to budget your extra money appropriately to achieve financial freedom.

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