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Ezra Cabrera | July 26, 2019


    With a staggering 4.8 billion users worldwide, social media has become an omnipresent force, shaping the way individuals connect, share, and engage in the digital era.

    Social media has been around for more than 22 years and since then, many people have come up with different ways to use it. Some use it to get in touch with friends and family while businesses have discovered ways to use it to their company’s advantage. For instance, companies can post ads on social media to make their business known to specific audiences. If you haven’t used it before, now is the best time to do so. If working capital stops you from optimizing your social media accounts, small business loans are here to save you.

    A strong social media presence and great digital marketing strategies help small businesses thrive in today’s competitive landscape. There are a lot of benefits if you cultivate your brand online, such as improving customer service, communication with customers, generate new leads, drive traffic to your website, and build your credibility. Though it may cost quite a bit, small business loans will help you get the funding you need.

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    Building a strong online presence doesn’t happen overnight and success would take a lot of time and patience. But once your strategies kick-off, you’ll be able to boost your online presence and improve your business. With that said, here’s how you can improve your social media presence quickly:

    1. Choose the Right Social Media Outlet for Your Business

    The glory days of social media began when Facebook went live in 2012. It also boomed when Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest came in the mix. With the number of social media outlets available, it can be challenging to find the best one specific to your industry. Experts advise that it’s best to join the most popular social media accounts. However, only you can determine the right one for your business based on your goals and target market.

    To give you an idea, here’s a quick overview of the most popular social media accounts.

    Facebook: As you probably know, Facebook is the largest social media platform to date. With 2 billion active users per month, it’s an ideal avenue for businesses to build customer relationships and generate leads.

    Instagram: Ever heard of the term ‘instagramable’? Instagram is another platform businesses use to grow and boost sales. With Instagram, it’s important to curate beautiful, instagrammable photos that catch your audience’s attention that will ultimately lead them to do business with you.

    Twitter: If the majority of your target audience is under 50 years old, you can also create an account on Twitter. It’s also especially effective if your customers are fond of keeping up with time-sensitive information, such as trending news, latest news, announcements, and more.

    LinkedIn: This platform is mainly used for business networking. Both B2B and B2C businesses use LinkedIn to build authority, network with other businesses, find employees, and create trust.

    2. A Majority of Your Target Market Browse via Mobile Phones

    It’s safe to say that roughly 80% of your leads browse using their mobile phones because it’s instant and more convenient. Make sure that it’s easy for your customers to contact your business or find information through their mobile devices. They shouldn’t go through lengths to scroll or navigate your website.

    One way of doing this is to make your mobile website user-friendly and accessible. As you create one, always remember that your customers will not go out of their way to find information about your business. Don’t forget to include your contact details, address, etc. clearly on your home page where your customers can easily and quickly see them.

    3. Show Customer Reviews on All Major Platforms

    Before your customers will purchase online or book your services, you can be sure they’re going to read reviews. Many companies make it hard for customers to read their reviews, and as mentioned, it’s important to have a user-friendly platform where your customers can easily access information. If they can’t see the reviews they’re looking for, chances are, they’ll turn to your competitor for services.

    Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, and other social media platforms are the best places to establish an online presence. If your business is visible in these places, it will be easier for your customers to see your customer’s reviews. If they like what they see, there’s a great chance they will purchase from you or book your services.

    4. Automate Your Posts

    Staying active on social media takes dedication. However, most business owners don’t have the time to sit down and curate posts for the day. Fortunately, there are tools available so you can schedule and automatically publish posts in advance.

    Tools like Buffer, BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, SharpSpring, Mention, and MeetEdgar, are some of the popular social media marketing automation available today. You can easily save time and effort if you use these aids since it offers the option of scheduling multiple posts at once. Aside from scheduling posts, these tools also allow you to monitor your progress and respond to inquiries using a single app.

    5. Engage With Your Audience

    Without a doubt, great content is a huge factor when it comes to social media success, but frankly, it’s not enough. Social media is a terrific way to establish a strong relationship with your customers and gain their trust. However, there are also different ways to engage with your customers, such as:

    • Addressing customer complaints and reviews
    • Commenting on posts
    • Show appreciation for customers
    • Share important and relevant information
    • Answer questions and inquiries
    • And more

    Small Business Loans can Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

    You can boost your working capital and subscribe to automated tools, pay for social media ads, and develop marketing strategies. You can also use a fresh injection of working capital to improve your social media presence. With small business loans, you can easily fund your social media marketing strategies. Considering how tough the competition is, this additional funding can give you a chance to gain a competitive advantage. This, in turn, will help strengthen the foundation of your business and make sure you remain successful in the years to come.

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