Which Food Delivery Service Pays the Most

Which Food Delivery Service Pays the Most? Top 3 Choices for Gig Drivers

Ezra Cabrera | October 29, 2021


    Key Takeaways

    • Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash are three of the high-paying food delivery services available for potential drivers looking to earn money on the side.
    • When choosing which food delivery service to drive for, consider more than just the rates. Try looking into the flexibility and incentives, and see which app best suits your current situation and needs.
    • To work as a food delivery driver, you must be of legal age with a valid driver’s license, and own a vehicle with updated auto insurance, scooter, or bike (though some companies may allow food deliveries by foot).

    Working as a food delivery driver can be a great way to earn money on the side. Most food delivery platforms offer flexibility and allow you to work as an independent contractor, so you have full control of how and when you want to work.

    If you’re wondering which is the best food delivery service based on the pay you’re in the right place. We did the leg work for you and gathered the information you need. In this article, we’ll highlight three food delivery services and their rates. We’ve also gone ahead and evaluated their pros and cons, the most common issues that drivers face while working for the food delivery service company, and what you need to work as a food delivery driver.

    Top # Food Delivery Companies That Pays the Most

    As an independent contractor working as a driver for a delivery app, you may want to know which food delivery service platform will be worth your while. But the best food delivery service to work for among the variety of options available can be overwhelming.

    That is why we’ve gone ahead and compiled all the information you need. This way, you can make an informed decision and pick the right platform to drive for.

    It is important to note that when it comes to choosing the best delivery app for food, rates shouldn’t be your only consideration. Others may offer flexibility, which other drivers would find helpful, especially if they have other jobs. They may also offer incentives like special promotions or bonuses that let drivers earn more.

    Below are three of the best food delivery service companies in the country. We’ll outline the rates, pros, and cons, and the most common issues drivers may face while driving for the company.

    DoorDash Pay

    DoorDash drivers, called Dashers, have a base pay of around $2 to $12 per delivery before tips and other special promotions (which allows drivers to earn more). Assuming that a Dasher receives bonuses and tips on top of their base pay, their earnings per hour could go up to $25.

    Pro tip: The DoorDash app has a feature that shows ‘hotspots’ where dashers can get more and better orders. It also features a promo section that shows Peak Pay time slots. This helps dashers schedule their work hours around the Peak Pay time and earn more.


    DoorDash Pay

    The pros of working as a Dasher include:

    • Flexibility (perfect for people with other job commitments)
    • Competitive driver incentives
    • You can keep 100% of the tips
    • Freedom to accept or decline orders

    On the other hand, driving for DoorDash may also come with particular downsides, such as:

    • No minimum hourly pay (you could spend a lot of time waiting for an order and not get paid for it)
    • You need to pre-schedule shifts


    Common DoorDash Issues

    One of the major issues that drivers face when working with DoorDash is market oversaturation. The company receives about 10,000 driver applications a week, increasing the competition between drivers.

    Additionally, Dashers often report a lack of driver support. Although DoorDash provides help through chats, text, or email, they don’t have a human-operated help desk which is vital for companies that offer time-sensitive services.

    Uber Eats ($12-20 per hour)

    Uber initially offered rideshare services to the public. But in 2014, they introduced a separate service, Uber Eats, which lets independent contractors deliver food to clients. This service instantly gained popularity in the United States.

    One thing that sets Uber Eats apart from other food delivery services is that drivers can offer ridesharing and food delivery services in a single session. You can receive and complete both services without having to toggle between apps to accept (or decline) a rideshare and food delivery service. If you prefer doing one over the other for your shift, you can make the necessary adjustments to the app’s settings.

    Moreover, the platform doesn’t require the drivers to schedule their shit. If they want to start driving, they can just head on to the app and press Go. They can provide delivery anywhere where Uber Eats is available and keep 100% of the tips.

    Like DoorDash, Uber Eats requires its applicants to undergo a background check. If you’re using your scooter to deliver food, it must have an engine of 500cc or more, enough to fit the insulated delivery bag.

    Uber Eats Pay

    In general, Uber Eats drivers can earn around $14.81 per hour plus tips. However, the rate will depend on your location. You can also choose to earn on a per-mile or per-minute basis as long as your state/city regulations allow it.

    Uber Eats also offers surge prices during rush hours and busy seasons (i.e., the holidays), incentivizing drivers to work more hours to earn more.


    Uber Eats Pros and Cons


    • Above-average pay
    • You can work anywhere where Uber operates
    • You can deliver food and offer rideshare services at the same time, thus increasing your earnings per shift
    • Drivers won’t have to pre-schedule shifts and can start driving any time
    • Surge prices during rush hours and busy seasons allows drivers to earn more


    • Unlike Grabhub, Uber Eats doesn’t have a guaranteed minimum hourly pay
    • People tend to tip less with Uber Eats


    Common Uber Eats Issues

    Many drivers that drive for Uber Eats typically complain about tipping. Since it’s a relatively new feature, many drivers don’t get as much in tips when delivering food. With that, drivers feel like Uber should encourage proper tipping from customers when responding to a delivery request.

    Grubhub ($13.50 per hour)

    Grubhub is among the major players in food delivery services. It connects over 33 million people to over 300,000 restaurants all over the country, and it operates in over 4,000 cities in the United States.

    One thing that makes Grubhub unique among other delivery platforms is that its drivers will actually be working for two platforms: Grubhub and Seamless (another food delivery platform), which merged in 2014. Orders made through the Seamless app will go to Grubhub drivers who pick up and deliver the orders to clients. This gives Grubhub drivers better chances of earning more.

    Grubhub also offers an hourly minimum for their drivers. If, for some reason, the driver didn’t meet the minimum rate, the company will fill in the gaps, and make sure that the drivers are compensated for their time and effort. For instance, if the minimum hourly rate is $12, and the driver earned $9, Grubhub will pay the $3 difference.

    However, to qualify for it, the drivers must have a minimum of 85% order acceptance during their scheduled blocks. This hourly minimum can be a huge boost for drivers who don’t receive many orders on certain days.

    The Grubhub app allows you to track your earnings and you’ll be required to complete a 1099 form and declare your income taxes during the tax season.

    Grubhub Pay

    Grubhub pays a bit more than other food delivery platforms. Drivers can earn around $3.25 per delivery plus $0.50 per mile driven. On average, Grubhub drivers earn around $13.50 per hour every shift.

    Grubhub pays a bit more than other food delivery platforms. Drivers can earn around $3.25 per delivery plus $0.50 per mile driven. On average, Grubhub drivers earn around $13.50 per hour every shift.

    Grubhub Pros and Cons


    • Higher rates (minimum hourly rates are offered for drivers who can meet the criteria)
    • Tipping is required and is set at 15% per order
    • Bonuses are available to top-performing Grubhub drivers through their Grubhub Recognition Program
    • Drivers can choose to schedule shifts or start driving without a pre-scheduled block
    • Drivers can choose to withdraw their earnings either every week (on Thursdays) or at the end of every shift (instant cash out)


    • Drivers may only receive orders on their assigned delivery locations
    • They have fewer incentives than other food delivery service platforms
    • You’ll have to pay the additional fee if you choose to withdraw your earnings at the end of your shift

    Common Grubhub Issues

    One of the issues drivers usually face when driving for Grubhub is the pay is typically much lower than other food delivery services. It’s also the reason why drivers work for other food delivery services while working for Grubhub.

    Drivers also tend to get last-minute orders from customers. For instance, if their end shifts in five minutes, a 20-minute delivery offer could come in, forcing some to extend their work hours. This can cause some frustrations for the food delivery service drivers. However, this problem can easily be avoided by ending your shift 30 minutes ahead.

    Food Delivery App Pay Summarized

    Here’s a summary of the pay rates for each food delivery app:

    Food Delivery Company Estimated Hourly Rate Before Tips
    Uber Eats$14.50

    Food Delivery Delivery App Driver Requirements

    Applying as an independent food delivery driver in the gig economy is pretty straightforward. Potential food delivery app drivers don’t need to possess specific skills or experience to work as food delivery drivers.
    As long as you have a car with updated auto insurance, a valid driver’s license, and you’re at a legal age, you can work as a delivery app driver for any of the food delivery platforms. Depending on your state’s regulations, other companies may also allow delivery by scooter, bicycle, or even by foot. You’ll also need a smartphone compatible with the delivery app and a data plan so you can coordinate the orders and deliveries.

    Each food delivery platform will ask for different requirements. For instance, they may require you to undergo a background check (although this is merely just a formality for some). They may also prefer drivers with a clean driving record and fewer than three car accidents within the last three years. Be sure to be familiar with the delivery app requirements before submitting your application to the company.

    Bottom Line: Which Food Delivery Service Pays the Most?

    If you’re looking for the best food delivery service company to work for, the three mentioned above are among the top-performing food delivery apps. Among the three food delivery platforms discussed above, DoorDash offers the highest rates. You can earn a maximum of $25 per hour including tips and bonuses. You can even earn more if you work in ‘hot spot’ areas or during peak hours.

    If you’re looking to maximize your earnings as an independent food delivery service driver, you can juggle multiple delivery apps simultaneously. So even if you’re not receiving a lot of orders from Grubhub on your shift, you still have a chance of regaining your losses by working for another food delivery platform.


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