How to Attract Loyal Clients for Your Landscaping Business

Ezra Cabrera

March 28, 2020

If you’re a landscape service industry, you are probably aware that ever greater numbers of people are starting their landscaping businesses. As they jump into and flood the market, you may be trying to come up with ways to attract new customers. You might even be thinking about scaling your landscape business for growth. However, instead of trying to look for new customers, it’s always better, and more cost-effective if you focus on your existing accounts.

Upselling your existing clients is about 68% cheaper than acquiring a dollar from each new customer. In other words, successfully penetrating your current accounts is an even better way to take your revenue to the next level. Aside from increasing your revenue for every customer order, you’ll also be adding more value to their landscape experience.

As you work at meeting your goals, you’ll also need to secure proper funding. Encountering financial roadblocks along the way is not unusual, which makes applying for landscaping business loans a wise decision.

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8 Top Tips for Fostering Customer Loyalty for Your Landscaping Business

Gone are the days when achieving customer satisfaction or meeting their expectations is enough to win their loyalty. With so many other options these days, consumers tend to leave average brands behind as they search for other companies that can better meet their specific needs.

So, for you to develop customer loyalty, you must learn how to compel them by engaging with them on an ongoing, consistent way.

A proven way of doing this is by consistently building and maintaining a strong emotional connection with your target audience. This can be achieved by giving them a positive,  unforgettable experience. Below are a few tips to help you attract and retain loyal clients for your landscaping business.

1. Build Trust

Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs tend to overlook this very important principle. You can’t have your customers’ loyalty without building trust first. You’ll need to convince them there’s much more to you than just making a sale. If you constantly try your best to add value to your service, you’ll eventually gain their trust.

2. Listen to Your Customers

One of the most effective ways to earn your customers’ trust is to put your finger on their pulse. In other words,  keep your offers relevant by fulfilling the needs of your customers. Pay close attention to their comments and feedback. This will help you design your products and services with them in mind.

One way to do this is to engage your customers actively by asking for their feedback through surveys. Do this while remembering that they’re only willing to spend their money on products and services that add value to them. Your continuous effort to evolve and adapt will be rewarded with customer loyalty.

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3. Create Loyalty Programs or Subscription

It’s always a great idea to integrate loyalty programs or subscriptions to your business. To prove this point, research shows that consumers in the United States hold about 3.8 billion customer loyalty accounts. Since customers love to save money, the key is to help them do so.

You can choose to reward your most loyal customers with special discounts on their purchase. Furthermore, be sure that your process of redeeming loyalty points is as smooth as possible. If you fail to give your customers seamless access to these benefits, you’ll almost certainly lose them to competitors.

4. Office Additional Services Onsite

Like you, customers want to save time. That’s why offering additional landscape services (as needed) when onsite with your customers is an awesome idea. Doing so will give them the convenience they desire. Plus, you’ll avoid having to unnecessarily come back to the site.

5. Don’t Forget the Specials

Make your loyal customers feel special by offering one-time services, special deep discounts, and limited promotions on your other services. Although these initial service offers may not earn you big profits, the customers who have experienced the quality of what you have to offer are more likely to pay for your services in the future.

6. Identify Additional Problems On-site

You can effectively create added value for your clients when you identify other issues while on-site and offer to fix them. When something else needs to be done, don’t hesitate to recommend that you do it now, so that your customers can save their time.

7. Give Them More Options to Choose From

You can convert more sales and give your customers more options if you tier certain offerings. For instance, you can present a low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade options for them to choose from.

8. Offer Standalone Services

Since most customers are only willing to spend on services and items they think are needed, they might be a little hesitant to pay for a service bundle. You might want to consider unbundling certain landscaping services so that you can give them exactly what they’re looking for.

Do You Need to Apply for Landscaping Business Loans?

If you don’t know much about landscaping business loans or when and how to go about applying for them, simply get in touch today with reputable lending experts. They make it easier for landscape business owners to access the working capital you need to run and grow your business.

Ezra Cabrera
Ezra Neiel Cabrera has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurial Marketing. Over the last 3 years, she has been writing business-centric articles to help small business owners grow and expand. Ezra mainly writes for SMB Compass, but you can find some of her work in All Business, Small Biz Daily, LaunchHouse, Marketing2Business, and Clutch, among others. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her in bed eating cookies and binge-watching Netflix.

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