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5 Things Your Hotel Guests Really Want

Ezra Cabrera | October 31, 2019


    Did you know that business and leisure travelers aren’t just looking for beds to sleep in or for a roof over their heads? Although some aspects of today’s hotel guest experience remain timeless, most travelers want to indulge themselves and feel pampered during their stay. For instance, they still expect an awesome view, cleanliness, proximity to key attractions or business meetings, and complimentary shampoo.

    However, they also want you to meet and exceed their expectations on the basic amenities along with the service you provide. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to install a Jacuzzi in each room. This simply means the essentials you provide need to be top quality. To meet their guests’ expectations, some hoteliers apply for hotel business loans so that they can invest in and provide guests with professional solutions, as well as design and amenities.

    This explains why other hotel businesses have pushed the boundaries when it comes to offering their guests a unique hotel experience. From treetop hideaways to underwater hotels, the actualization of these highly imaginative concepts is meant to revolutionize and dazzle their guests’ expectations.

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    But what do your hotel guests really want? How can you make an impression on them and increase overnight stays? How can you make your guests’ experiences both comforting and welcoming? Here are the five hotel guest expectations that should be a priority:

    1. Connectivity

    With emerging technologies, it’s safe to say that the needs of guests have definitely evolved. For example, studies show that one of the most important amenities for business or leisure travelers is free Wi-Fi. In fact, most guests would willingly pay extra cash for better connectivity or give up some of their amenities in exchange for complimentary Wi-Fi. Since most people think that Wi-Fi isn’t a privilege but a necessity, hotels must offer the highest level of connectivity.

    2. Mobile Check-In and Check-Out

    If you think that the hotel industry’s use of the smartphone is only limited to mobile bookings, think again. The last thing that your travel-weary guests want is to have to stand in line for 20 minutes watching, while others check-in ahead of them. Nowadays, countless travelers look for hotels that can provide them with the option to check-in using their mobile devices.

    The constantly evolving check-in and check-out experience can be really exciting. However, hoteliers still need to pay attention to the basic elements of the check-in as well as the check-out process that can affect their guests’ stay.

    For example, the booking process must be convenient for your guests whether they choose to do it through an iPad or via your front desk agent. Be sure to provide them with immediate access to a source that handles their check-ins and check-outs, as well as their billing issues. The element of consistency must not be compromised regardless of how your guests connect with your business.

    It’s imperative that guests have the exact same quality of experience on a consistent basis, especially if you want to cultivate their sense of confidence and comfort with your hotel business.

    3. Sustainability

    More and more people are more conscious about the environment than those of decades past. For instance, it’s not uncommon to see family, friends, and colleagues making their own lifestyle changes to help counter the effects of climate change. When we translate this consumer behavior in the hotel industry, this means that more and more travelers are looking for hotels that are eco-friendly.

    In fact, some of these travelers would even pay more for more eco-friendly features. Features such as lights that automatically turn off when your guests leave the room can benefit your business by reducing hydro costs.

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    4. Great Value

    The hospitality sphere is having a steady influx of sharing services that include HomeAway and Airbnb. You’ll need to go above and beyond your guest’s expectations in terms of value. Surveys show that most millennial travelers are willing to book an expensive room if it promises to offer more value than other less expensive options. In other words, they’re not too concerned with the price as long as they receive value.

    5. Excellent Customer Service

    Did you know that the top driver for dissatisfaction among hotel guests is poor service? Keep in mind that great service is the core of hospitality regardless of the aspects that technology has replaced nowadays. Even if your hotel’s check-in and check-out processes are automated, don’t forget that the ability of your hotel staff to take care of your guests still wins repeat visits. This means that nothing can replace the human touch despite the enhancements made by cutting-edge technology.

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