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    How can I use a loan for my toy business?

    A loan for retail businesses can cover day-to-day and seasonal small business expenses, including:

    • Purchase new inventory
    • New technology or equipment
    • Advertise your business
    • Hire new employees
    • Expand product lines
    • Prepare for the holiday rush

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    How can I get funding for my toy business?

    If you don’t have the luxury of quick paying customers, you’re probably looking for a way to bridge the gaps in your cash flow. Banks typically require extensive credit and financial documentation, and their approval processes are lengthy. Even if you are approved, it can take days to receive the working capital you need. You risk the chance of missing out on opportunities. This is where SMB Compass comes in.

    Our application process is quick and easy. We can quickly provide you with the right small business loan.

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    Why SMB Compass?

    SMB Compass has many years of experience providing Small Business Loans for Retail Stores. We provide all types of business lending products. Unlike with a traditional retail loan from a bank, there aren’t mountains of paperwork or long waiting periods to endure. Applying for a retail business loan is a fast and convenient process. With a simple application you can get prequalified in as little as 24 hours.

    Don’t fall short on inventory because you are low on capital.

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