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Serine Alejandro

Content Writer, SMB Compass


AB in Journalism


Small Business Financing, Public Relations, IT and Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Brand Communications


Serine has more than 7 years of experience as a professional content writer, with expertise in website and e-mail copywriting, SEO blog writing and LinkedIn content writing. She has assumed roles in public relations, corporate communications and promotions in advertising agencies as well as publicly listed corporations in the banking and telecommunications industries.

She has written press releases for companies like China Bank Savings, ePLDT, SAP Philippines, Fortinet, BBraun, and Philips. She also contributed for Summit Media and The Filipino Connection.

Serine is a versatile writer, an entrepreneur, and an athlete (on her good days). She is very passionate about writing content that not only raises brand awareness but also generates leads. She’s part of SMB Compass since October 2020.