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    It’s all about the fit.

    Today’s retail customers want it all, and they’re used to getting it in a snap. With the growth of e-commerce, most retail businesses have chosen to close their brick-and-mortar stores to focus on growing their customer base online to cut costs and save their remaining budget.

    More established brands that kept their physical stores alive turned to lending institutions to get tailor-made financing support that’s designed for the retail business. Loans like retail shopping center financing are a perfect fit to support small businesses as they pay off debts, pay utilities and rent, pay for employee salary, or create better marketing strategies that bring back old customers and find new ones.

    If your retail business is currently struggling, you’ll find that getting a retail store business loan will help you achieve your goals and meet the needs of today’s demanding consumers.

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    Will a retail store business loan support your growth?

    A crisis such as the global COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t happen every day. However, when it does – as we’ve seen – retail businesses run the risk of losing up to millions of dollars in revenue. Many have had to permanently shut down to avoid drowning in debts.

    With a retail store business loan, small retail businesses like yours have a fighting chance to continue operating because you’ll have more financial cushion to meet customer demands and pay off your monthly obligations. You can also increase your chances of pivoting to a different business model with ample cash on-hand.

    Doesn’t a delivery service or having an even better product website sound like a great idea?

    Here’s how a retail store business loan can keep your doors open

    Boost marketing efforts

    Reach the right customers, establish an online presence, and create promotional campaigns to attract new and past customers.

    Get more inventory

    Ensure healthy inventory during peak seasons, as well as access to tools that improve operational efficiency.

    Hire more staff

    Hire experienced people for different job functions to attend to customer’s needs, whether online or in-house.

    Expand the store

    Maximize empty spaces or renovate your shopping center’s interior design to attract younger consumers.

    Pay-off debts

    Pay off utilities, rent, and other debts that are hurting your credit score. This can also help you maintain healthy cash flow.

    Purchase equipment

    Invest in best-in-class back-office assets such as computers, label printers and industrial-grade equipment.

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    Why get your retail business loan with SMB Compass

    Keep retail operations going with our retail shopping center financing

    Without working capital, it’s almost impossible to run a profitable retail business especially when you have customers with varying demands.
    SMB Compass is dedicated to helping you expand and manage your business’ growth through reliable financing offers. Compared with traditional lending institutions, we provide you with guided funding options so you can choose what your business needs at this moment.

    Whether you want to expand your shopping center, relocate, or pivot to an online business model, our retail business loan can help you stay on the right track to success. Use the funds to increase your inventory, remodel your store, expand to a different location or pay off existing debts. It’s completely dependent on your current needs and long-term goals.

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    Our core strategy

    1. Focused brainstorming session

    We want to understand you – your goals, your capabilities, and your plans for the business. We engage in a meeting with you to discuss how you want to scale your business.

    2. In-depth business assessment

    We assign a member of our proactive team to assess your business. This will allow us to craft the best financing options that are designed for your growth.

    3. Choose & compare financial solutions

    Based on the results of the assessment, our team will compile the most suitable financial solutions to support your needs – from equipment financing to business lines of credit.

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    Retail business loans designed for you

    While there are a lot of funding options out there, here are the most suitable for your shopping center.

    SBA 7(a) Loans

    The 7(a) Loan Program, the Small Business Administration’s most common loan offering to date, is intended for small businesses with special requirements. It can be used for both short- and long-term working capital and purchasing of furniture, equipment and other supplies.

    The SBA has set a maximum loan amount of $5 million for 7(a) loans, which retail business owners can use for various purposes. The key eligibility to getting 7(a) loans is based on the owner’s credit history, the location where the business operates, and the nature of the business.

    SMB Compass will work with you to set competitive terms, rates, limits, and repayment schedules that suit your business’ needs and goals.

    Equipment Financing

    Purchasing equipment can have a substantial strain to the business’ cash flow, but the long-term savings that come with using high-quality tools will go a long way in mitigating health and safety risks.

    The equipment you’re using contributes much to the quality of service you provide to customers. Equipment financing provides your retail business with the funds you need to purchase new equipment or replace them with those that comply with today’s standards.

    Our team of trusted advisors will work closely with you to determine the terms for your loan depending on your personal credit, trade history of the business, the financial strength of the company, and the type of equipment you are planning to purchase.

    Merchant Cash Advance

    Sometimes, it can be challenging to get immediate funding, especially when your credit score is not in good shape. If you need immediate working capital but you don’t have good credit, a merchant cash advance (MCA) is a great option for you.

    Compared with regular loans, an MCA is a cash advance against your future debit or credit transactions. With an MCA, the lending company – in this case, SMB Compass – will provide you with the money you need. You’ll be able to pay it back with a percentage of your daily debit and credit sales.

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    Standard documents you need prepared to apply for a retail business loan

    • Business Plan
    • Personal History and Financial Statements
    • Projected Business Financial Statements
    • Profit and Loss Statements
    • Business License/Certificate
    • Ownership Documents
    • Personal Resume
    • Business Overview
    • Income Tax Returns

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