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    Financing for Companies in Kentucky

    Kentucky, “The Bluegrass State” has historically been primarily focused around agriculture, the state’s economy is expanding and there are more opportunities for other industries to succeed. Although Kentucky is home to Fortune 500 companies such as Kindred Healthcare, Humana, INOAC USA and Lexmark, small businesses are the heartbeat of the local economy. SMB Compass specializes throughout Kentucky in providing business financing to a wide range of industries.

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    Agriculture Loans in Kentucky

    For years, Kentucky’s economy has heavily relied on the agriculture and coal mining industries. Agriculture loans in Kentucky allow businesses to purchase materials and properly manage their cash flow. Kentucky is largely known for corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and tobacco production. The warm climate and fertile soil provide an advantage over a lot of other states that also produce similar crops. Small business loans in Kentucky provide the necessary working capital to cover expenses and take advantage of new opportunities.

    Manufacturing Loans in Kentucky

    The manufacturing industry is vital to Kentucky, providing a large amount of jobs and revenue for the local economy. Manufacturing loans in Kentucky allows business owners to purchase inventory and cover overhead expenses as the business continues to grow. There are a lot of material purchases and upfront expenses that manufacturers have to deal with. It is crucial that businesses can keep up with purchase orders to fulfill their client’s needs in a timely manner. Small business loans and equipment financing in Kentucky provide businesses with financing for machinery, equipment, and added expenses that aren’t accessible based on their current cash flow.

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    Tourism Loans in Kentucky

    The tourism industry in Kentucky is booming and hotels and restaurants are benefiting with added revenue for their businesses. Visitors from around the country flock to the state for major sporting events such as the world-famous Kentucky Derby. Hotel and restaurant loans in Kentucky allow businesses to cover expenses and continue to expand. The University of Kentucky and The University of Louisville both have some of the premier college athletic programs in the country, which attracts visitors to the state for big games. Fans help boost the economy by supporting local hotels, restaurants, and buying tickets and merchandise. Sporting events are not the only attraction for Kentucky, “My Old Kentucky Home” is a large and popular national park attraction that tourists from all around the country visit. A business loan in Kentucky can also be used to consolidate existing debt, by lowering payments and putting more working capital back into the business.

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    Small Business Loans in Kentucky

    Here are the many ways to use a small business loan in Kentucky

    Acquire small business loans

    Refinance existing loans and credit card debt

    Purchase or refinance commercial real estate

    Buy or lease machinery and equipment

    Purchase inventory and raw materials

    Improve cash flow

    Marketing and advertising campaigns

    Upgrade technology and business software

    Renovate existing office space

    Day-to-day operating expenses

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