Top 3 Apps that Significantly Increase Hotel Productivity

Nov 26, 2019 | Hotel Loans

It’s impossible for any kind of business to thrive without open communication and organization – especially if you’re in the hospitality industry. When your team isn’t as organized as they should be, your hotel staff will feel disconnected and your  guests will bear the brunt of the bad situation.

Other hoteliers try to make up for this failure by obtaining hotel business loans to fund renovations and large expenditures for furniture replacements. They may also hire new personnel in an attempt to rectify the problem. However, these strategies aren’t the right solutions to the underlying issue.

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Thankfully, with the rise of modern technology, almost every problem can now be solved. There are a number of apps in the market that can help boost productivity in your hotel business. Even with endless emails arriving, and with people to manage and content to post, it’s still possible that you and your staff can get more done.

The 3 apps below will show you how:

1.    Slack

Increasing your hotel’s productivity means getting out of your inbox. You can’t achieve this goal if you’re still using email for your internal communication. If you’re trying to find more reasons to go back into that method of communication, you’re missing the point. Slack is one of the most popular tools in the startup world that can help you reduce email. What’s more, Slack is compatible with any device – whether you use a tablet, desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

In case you’re not aware, email always have a short delay. On the other hand, communication at Slack is in real-time. If you’re familiar with the IRC chat format, you won’t have any issues with Slack because it functions more like a chatroom than an inbox. The only difference is that you can keep track of all your conversations and everything is searchable.

It’s best you continue to use email for communicating with consumers and for marketing. However, when it comes to communicating with your staff, it makes more sense to use Slack. This tool keeps you from cluttering up each of your team member’s inbox with project headlines, policy and procedure updates, and shift scheduling.

2.    Dropbox

Dropbox is the perfect app for you if you need to share important documents with your team members. This tool serves as a central repository where files can be stored. Keep in mind that internal communications should be simplified. In essence, Dropbox makes the use of email redundant,

Dropbox also offers a convenient solution for storing and sharing internal digital files. This doesn’t mean you won’t need to have backups stored on an external hard drive. As long as your hotel staff members can connect to the internet, Dropbox allows them to retrieve the files they need at all times. If you want to empower your team, instruct them to install this tool on their mobile devices.

3.    App Hotel

This app allows you to stay connected, track progress, and enhance productivity by detecting bottlenecks and tweaking certain processes throughout your operation.

With AppHotel, you can keep track of your team members and the tasks each is responsible for. You can also set up individualized accounts for each employee, enabling you to monitor the progress of projects in real-time. Sending task notifications to each staff member is made very easy with this tool. Since it also allows you to communicate with hotel guests, your employees can also use it to get more details about the bookings of guests.

Through AppHotel, you’re able to monitor and analyze important business metrics each month without having to request help from IT or marketing experts. This app can generate reports by extracting data and calculating it on your behalf. What’s so great about AppHotel is that it also offers a suite of other apps that are specifically designed for hotel businesses.

The bottom line is, this app will help you save a lot of time. If your goal is to boost your hotel productivity, you’ll need to spend more of your time on building your business, and less on carrying out mundane tasks.

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