7 Reasons Why You Should Pay for Social Media Marketing for Your Hotel

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – almost everybody across the globe has his own favorite social media platform. You can just imagine the excellent opportunities for businesses to gain attention and exposure using these social media sites! If you’re in the hospitality industry, you can always have the option to apply for hotel business loans to jumpstart your marketing campaign.

Social media marketing also allows you to do promotional activities that feature your hotel facilities. You can use paid ads to post and share photos and videos or use links to external websites or content. These social media platforms can cause you to engage with your existing and new customers. You can invite users to special events and they can post their reviews. What’s more, these sites have built-in analytics tools which are great for monitoring audience engagement.

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How Can Paid Social Media Ads Benefit Your Hotel Business?

To give you a closer look at the enormous benefits that social media marketing has in store for you, check out these 7 reasons why you should pay for social media ads for your hotel:

1. You can showcase and strengthen your brand

Paid social media ads allow you to craft the image for your hotel and control your content. People will get to know you as you display your brand through your videos and photos. For instance, are you all for luxury and high-class? Or are you affordable and relaxed? Through social media marketing, you can showcase and strengthen your brand.

2. Cultivate realistic expectations

How do you justify a top dollar price at checkout? Have you ever wondered why luxury hotels could charge a fortune for a night? It’s always a good idea to make sure that your hotel guests understand what they’re purchasing. You can use social media marketing to show your audience what they’re going to get once they decide to book with you. Try to feature your extravagant hotel amenities such as your on-site spa or your sauna. You can also showcase your prime location so that you can justify your price.

However, if your hotel is perfect for cost-conscious travelers, you can also use paid social media ads to give your customers an idea of what you have to offer. Once realistic expectations for your target audience are cultivated, you’ll get more accurate reviews.

3. Connect with your audience

Connecting with your customers is made easy through social media marketing. Every piece of content that you publish has the potential to resonate with your target audience. Remember that most consumers prefer to purchase anything familiar to them. If they can relate to the photos and videos you publish, they’ll be more inclined to book with your hotel facility.

4. Get new customers

Did you know that the total number of Facebook users across the globe is nearly 2 billion? Furthermore, there are over 700 million Instagram users and 328 million Twitter users worldwide! With so many people on social media, you’re bound to find people who would fit your target customer demographic. Through paid social media ads, you can target specific genders, ages, locations, and other demographics that perfectly match the type of consumer you’re looking for. Social media is one of the best tools you can use to find new and loyal customers.

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5. Always give value

Benefits can set you apart from your competitors. You can use social media marketing to show your audience the perks they’ll enjoy when they book with you. For instance, saying that your hotel has a central location isn’t as attractive as, “less than one mile from the theme park, concert venue, etc.”. Through paid social media ads, you can add value to your customers’ experience in your hotel.

6. You won’t be left behind

When your hotel maintains various social media accounts, you make it known to the world that your business is keeping up with modern technology. Your target audience can expect the same from your hotel facility.

7. You can respond to your customers in real-time

One of the best things about social media is that it allows you to respond to your customers’ comments in real-time. For example, if somebody says that they’re excited to swim in your pool or try out your on-site spa, you can immediately like their post. You can even post a response that’s as enthusiastic as theirs. Customers love it when an establishment’s official account responds to their posts. The more you do this, the more excited your customers get and the more they’ll look forward to staying at your hotel.

Furthermore, you can answer your customers’ questions and address their concerns via social media. In case you get negative reviews, you even have the option to do damage control in the comments section.

Are You Interested in Applying for Hotel Business Loans?

Hotel business loans can provide you with the funding you need to maintain your hotel business operations. Aside from that, it can also fund necessary marketing strategies such as social media advertising. With so many advantages of taking out a hotel loan, hoteliers should’t miss this opportunity. If they need guidance, they can always talk to their most trusted financial expert. Nevertheless, running a hotel business is an expensive venture, but with business loans, hotel owners won’t have to worry about their cash flow.

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