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Quick Business Loans

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Quick Business Loan Overview

SMB Compass provides business owners with quick and easy financing for a wide range of industries and loan programs. With limited documentation SMB Compass provides flexible financing to fit any business owners timeframe. When business owners deal with unexpected expenses or unique business opportunities this allows for fast and flexible financing to ensure a business is running efficiently. Within hours after an initial conversation with a Lending Expert we provide funding for business lines of credit, invoice financing, business term loans, and equipment leases and loans. This financing can be used as working capital for a wide array of objectives including inventory needs and payroll expenses. It provides business owners with the financing needed for expansion, facility updates, repairs and the purchase of machinery and equipment. There are no obligations and no credit pulls on your personal credit.

The SMB Compass Advantage

SMB Compass works around the clock to provide business owners with flexible financing that can fit their timeframe. We are able to determine the needs of business owners and ensure that we are working on something that will help your business in not only the present but also the future. SMB Compass understands the challenges business owners face and we are openly transparent so we do not waste your time or our own time working on something that is not obtainable or helpful for your business. There are not any document requests unless we are confident that you are qualified and we can we can deliver with the financing your business needs. Before submitting any documents you can be prequalified for financingduring a short call with one of our Lending Experts. The Lending Expert is able to understand your objective and help determine what product is the best fit for your business. SMB Compass wants to confirmthat you are qualified for financing and we can meet the needs and timeframe of your business.If your financing needs are not something we can provide, we let you know upfront and offer advice and other options for you to consider. We want to make sure we do not waste any of your time and you can continue to look at other options.

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Quick Business Loan Highlights

Low Document Process

After being prequalified with a Lending Expert there is limited documentation needed to secure business financing with SMB Compass. With 3 months of Bank Statements and a 1 page online application we have all the documents needed to have underwriting immediately begin putting together a proposal. The 1 page online application is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes to fill out and complete.

Fast Decisions!

Within hours after the bank statements are submitted and the application is complete we are able to present you with the loan proposal. We review the rates, terms, and answer any questions you may have regarding the loan approval. We understand the difficulties a business owner faces and we work to ensure that we have a proposal together for you to review that fits your timeframe.

Funds Wired in Hours

Once you accept your loan approval we send out the closing documents for you to review and answer any remaining questions you may have. The closing documents areemailed to you and the process is fast and easy. After the closing documents are submitted the funds will be transferred into your account within hours!

Quick Business Loan Programs

Equipment Leases and Loans

Equipment Loans can be used for a wide range of equipment including vehicles, construction equipment, transportation, and technology equipment. Instead of paying for equipment with cash or credit cards businesses are able to purchase equipment on 2 to 5 year terms. This allows businesses to stretch out the payment and balance the cash flow in the business. The terms are dependent on the business owner’s credit, the current cash flow in the business, and the type of equipment being purchased.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing helps a businesses cash flow by allowing businesses to collect on invoices immediately, instead of waiting out 30 to 90 day payment terms. When businesses have to wait out long payment terms it puts a strain on their cash flow. Businesses collect on their invoices immediately and are able to cover current expenses and take on new projects. It also allows businesses to take on larger contracts and projects because they know that they will be paid on their invoice immediately after it submitted.

Business Term Loans

A business term loan helps business owners meet immediate financing needs. It allows businesses to cover expenses or take advantage of opportunities that they may not be able to address with their current cash flow. It can have terms anywhere from 3 months to 10 years, all depending on the businesses needs and current financial situation. Business term loans are commonly used for working capital, expansion, and debt consolidation.

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit provides flexibility for business owners to use capital when it is necessary. Business owners have the ability to pull from their line of credit when extra capital is needed while not pay interest on the line until money is borrowed. This is strictly standby capital for when different expenses or opportunities appear. Business owners are only paying interest on the amount of money they pulled from the line, not the entire amount of the line of credit.

Use of Proceeds for Quick Business Loans

Quick small business loans can be used in many ways. The quick process allows for companies to take advantage of opportunity or have money available in the event of an emergency. Funds can be used for working capital, payroll, purchasing machinery and equipment, inventory, property improvements and facility updates, or just for an additional cash cushion. The goal of quick business loans is to expedite the application process with light documentation to make getting financing easier for business owners.

Quick Business Loan Eligibility

SMB Compass works with business owners with a wide range of revenue and credit profiles. Although SMB Compass focuses on long term financing solutions we ensure that we can provide the capital needed for businesses with a wide array of objectives and circumstances. The terms and rates of the financing that a business qualifies for are dependent on the business owner’s personal credit and the cash flow in the business. The term and rate of the financing is more dependent on the credit profile and the risk of the business. The revenue generated in the business helps dictate the dollar amount that the business can qualify for. See the terms and rates that your business will qualify for by speaking with a SMB Compass Lending Expert today!