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What is a Line of Credit?

A Line of Credit is a flexible financing program that is meant for a business to use on an as needed basis. This means that a business will have access to a specific amount of money and has the freedom to use the money when they need to. The flexibility of a Line of Credit also enables a business owner to control the interest and fees that they pay on the capital drawn from their Line of Credit. There are no interest charges until money is drawn from the Line of Credit.

The terms of a Line of Credit will depend mostly on 3 factors; business credit, personal credit, and cash flow. Being that a Line of Credit is not secured by specific assets like an Asset Based Loan, it’s important for a lender to see strong operating history and strong cash flow in the business. The better the credit profile and the strong the cash flow, the more attractive the rate and terms will be. Either way, once approved for a Line of Credit there is no requirement to use the money and no fees incurred, which make it attractive proposition to apply for.

How does the Line of Credit process work?

The application process to apply for a Line of Credit is simple, quick, and a business can be approved within 24 hours of applying. Our Lending Advisors request basic business and credit information and always manage to the timeline that’s needed.

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What are the best industries for Line of Credit?

Line of Credits can be used for any and all industries and we always recommend that business owners have at least one. With the varying ways a line of credit can be used and flexibility in which it can be used, it should be a priority for all business owners to have a Line of Credit. Whether business is booming, opportunities arise, or business is slow, having a Line of Credit at your disposal is crucial.

Beauty Salons/Spas


Auto Repairs & Sales

Landscaping Services

Why would a business use a Line of Credit?

The flexibility of a Line of Credit gives business owners the ability to use the money for a wide variety of purposes.

  • Slow or late paying customers are causing cash flow constraints
  • Bulk inventory discounts arise that can be taken advantage of
  • Sales are outpacing current cash flow and money is needed for operating expenses
  • Seasonality is resulting in tight cash flow
Invoice payment cycles are 30-90 days resulting in a cash flow gap.

What is a real example of a company that used a Line of Credit?

A real example of a company that used a Line of Credit was a HVAC Contractor based out of Southern Connecticut. This contractor worked with both residential and commercial clients and decided to expand their business from just service contracts to add new construction as well. Service contracts are much easier when it comes to managing cash flow, their employees always had consistent work and payments flowed in on a monthly basis. Making the jump to new construction required them to lay out money for equipment, materials, and labor. In addition, these contracts were billable every 30 days and payroll was run weekly. This all resulted in capital needed before the job started an while the job was in progress. Without a Line of Credit taking on the new projects and expanding the business wouldn’t have been possible.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"We cannot express just how grateful we are that we found this company to work with. No matter what finance companies we reached out to for help we kept getting turned away and even at times, no call back. SMB Compass found us the best source of financing that would not just help in the short term, but gave us a solid plan to regain financial independence. We have been able to keep employees working and grow our business."
Tim C.


"My family business has been around for over 25 years and we are grateful to have been introduced to the SMB Compass team. We’re now growing by 50% per year and without the help of SMB Compass, we wouldn’t have the capital to do so. We started off with a series of 5 year equipment loans and a 5 year working capital loan, and now the SMB Compass team has been able to secure a bank term loan and a $450,000 line of credit, with a bank that’s willing to grow with us!"
Greg P.

New Jersey

"I can’t begin to explain how helpful Matt Gillman and the SMB Compass team has been. I was able to put an operating line of credit in place along with a term facility that recapitalized my business. I constantly tell Matt and his team that they need to figure out a way to show people how different they are then others. I have recommended SMB Compass to family and friends and highly recommend them to any business owner looking for financing."
Fred S.


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