bookkeeping duties

What are the Different Bookkeeping Duties? | SMB Compass

By Serine Alejandro / December 6, 2020

Small and large businesses have two things in common

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reconcile in quickbooks

How to Reconcile in QuickBooks Online | SMB Compass

By Serine Alejandro / December 1, 2020

New business owners who will be migrating their bookkeeping and accounting tasks

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wave accounting review

Wave accounting review: why this solution is great for small businesses

By Serine Alejandro / November 24, 2020

A growing number of small businesses and entrepreneurs are utilizing automation…

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prepare a cash flow statement

How to Prepare a Detailed Cash Flow Statement for Small Businesses

By Ezra Cabrera / November 23, 2020

A cash flow statement is one of the most important documents any business should have.

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is bookkeeping a difficult job

Is Bookkeeping a Difficult Job? | SMB Compass

By Serine Alejandro / November 18, 2020

It’s a common misconception that one needs a CPA certification to be a bookkeeper.

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inventory management techniques

Inventory Management Techniques for SMEs | SMB Compass

By Dane Panes / November 9, 2020

One of the most important pieces of running a successful small business is having reliable inventory management in place.

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Accounting in Small Businesses

The Purpose of Accounting in Small Businesses | SMB Compass

By Serine Alejandro / November 3, 2020

Accounting plays a crucial role in the overall development and growth of a small business.

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accounting nonprofit

How Does Accounting for Non-Profits Work | SMB Compass

By Serine Alejandro / November 3, 2020

Charitable institutions require distinct nonprofit accounting rules

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outsourced accounting services

Outsourced Accounting Services: Pros and Cons | SMB Compass

By Serine Alejandro / October 20, 2020

Outsourcing critical business functions can bring tremendous results to a company, on top of saving costs.

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Payroll Tax

Payroll Tax Penalties to Avoid | SMB Compass

By Ezra Cabrera / August 17, 2020

Did you know that 33% of small businesses face penalties because of simple and avoidable payroll tax mistakes?

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