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There is no way you can start and run your own construction business without working capital. A steady stream of cash is needed on hand to pay for necessary business-related expenses such as heavy equipment, computer software, marketing efforts, and other necessities. Rather than pay for these expenses out of pocket, you can apply for general contractor loans to gain quick access to cash without draining your personal resources.

How You Can Use A General Contractor Loan

If you’re thinking of applying for a general contractor loan, here are five ways it can benefit you and your business:

1.    Hiring and Retaining Employees

As your business grows, retaining existing employees and hiring new ones becomes very important. You need adequate cash flow for your payroll. Hopefully your business is generating enough to cover this cost, but, slow periods and unforeseen expenses are part of the game. A general contractor loan can give you access to supplemental cash to pay your employees in the event that your cash flow is tight.

2.    Effective Marketing

Marketing is how you effectively reach potential customers. Every new business owner should have a strategy in place that targets their key audience. In today’s landscape, having an online presence is essential as this is where consumers are looking for goods and services. You should invest in creating a website and creating a social media presence as this will help you connect with influential people, as well as reach an even larger audience to showcase your services.

Whether you create a marketing plan yourself or you hire a dedicated team of professionals, it costs money.  General contractor loans can help pay for the services of a reputable marketing agency.

3.    Obtaining Inventory

Every now and then, you will need to replenish your inventory with high-quality items. If you’re like many business owners, you prefer to buy in bulk so you can take advantage of discounted prices, but buying large quantities of product upfront gets pricey. Inventory management systems are something more and more business owners are investing in to simplify the inventory purchasing process. If this is something you are considering but don’t have the funds for, a general contractor loan can be the perfect solution for you.

4.    Adopting New Technologies

Evolution in technology is directly impacting the roofing industry. Emerging innovations like energy-saving roofing systems, single-ply roofing and GPS apps are disrupting the business, making the need for you to keep absolutely necessary. Investing in the latest technological solutions will allow you to compete in an ever-growing competitive market. General contractor loans can help cover the cost of high-priced new technology.

5.    Purchase Equipment

As a business owner, you never want to compromise the quality of your goods or services. That’s why the equipment you’re using can make or break your operation. If your business is growing, you may need to purchase additional equipment in order to accommodate the influx new customers. Or, you may need to replace or repair the equipment you already have if something malfunctions or is just generally outdated.  General contractor loans will allow you to purchase or repair equipment without having to resort to your cash reserves.

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