5 Tips to Help Create Irresistible Hotel Loyalty Programs

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Did you know that the hotel industry in 2020 is expected to be worth $36.7 million? Not only does this imply just how booming the industry is today, but it also reveals that this is the perfect time to create loyalty programs. While establishing hotel loyalty programs may require a substantial amount of financing, hotel business loans are available at your disposal to help you start.

Nowadays, the hotel industry has become increasingly competitive. Without innovating, a hotel business would easily fall off the grid. This is why it’s extremely important to offer a unique experience to your guests so that in turn, they will turn into repeat customers in the future.

If you’re not entirely sure how to go about creating a hotel loyalty program, here are some tips to help you get started:

1.    Provide Other Opportunities to Earn Reward Points

Infrequent travelers often don’t see the point of availing a hotel loyalty program, especially if the process of obtaining points is complicated. Subsequently, it’s important to make earning points simple and easy for your customers. If possible, remove expiration dates and allow your members to redeem their points anytime.

Aside from that, offering a simple way to earn points can also attract customers to your hotel. For instance, some hotels are giving their loyal customers a chance to earn points by signing up for their newsletter or recommending their hotel to a friend. You can also use these systems to help your guests easily earn rewards or points.

2.    Personalize your Rewards

Customers may have different preferences when it comes to rewards. While leisure travelers may prefer room discounts, business travelers may opt to choose programs that involve room upgrades. The best way to personalize your rewards is to listen and look closely at what your guests want. You can easily do this by looking at the information they provide you during check-in, or when they avail of your hotel loyalty program membership.

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Corporate travelers will most likely be the most profitable market. When creating loyalty programs, think about what services would appeal to them. For instance, including a free massage in their loyalty package can help them relax after a long day of meetings. You can also throw in extras which they are able to redeem later. Incorporating these into your hotel programs will help you build customer loyalty.

3.    Offer Unique Hotel Activities

Think about how many hotels offer identical services. Thinking of something that will set your hotel apart from the others will not only encourage the current members of your hotel loyalty programs to come back, but it can also attract new guests on their next trip. Be creative in your ideas. You can offer personalized cookies upon check-in or provide hotel perks during their stay.

Here are some additional ideas that can help you:

  • Host an outdoor activity such as movie night and offer complimentary snacks and drinks.
  • Host a wine hour where your guests can accumulate points whenever they purchase a drink.
  • Offer customized welcome bags for your checked-in guests.
  • Make your guests’ birthdays more special by providing personalized gifts.

4.    Have an App for Your Loyalty Program

Studies have shown that people enjoy redeeming rewards if they use their mobile phones. To keep up with the latest trends, hotels have created apps that complement their business. The apps will allow their guests to book rooms or sign up for membership online. You can also reward them with points or rewards as a bonus for their first booking.

In addition to that, an app will also allow your guests to interact with your hotel loyalty program. In fact, research has proven that people are more likely to enroll in a program, such as hotel loyalty programs, via apps.

5.    Use Social Media

There’s no denying the impact social media plays in the success of businesses today. While it plays a big role in promoting your hotel to a targeted audience, it can also be used as a way to track loyalty behaviors worth rewarding. For instance, liking or sharing your hotel’s Facebook page provides a big push for your advertising, and guests should be rewarded for that. Additionally, people who leave reviews and recommendations should also be awarded points or rewards.

You can also use social media to enhance the customer experience. Posting a thank you note on the page of one of your members provides a meaningful experience. The better their experience is in your hotel, the more likely they are to come back.

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Need Hotel Business Loans to Help You with Your Loyalty Programs?

No matter what loyalty programs and rewards you offer, it’s extremely important to have back-up financing like hotel business loans to help you in times of crisis. If you want to know more about your financing options, be sure to get in touch with a reputable financing expert today.


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