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Staffing companies are familiar with the challenges of acquiring new clients. The whole process takes time, money, and effort, and all without the guarantee of landing more clients. But without an influx of new clients, recruiting companies will go out of business. While staffing business loans can bridge cash flow gaps, it wouldn’t be enough without new business coming in. With that in mind, here are five tips to generate more leads and acquire new clients for your staffing company.

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1.    Identify Your Target Market

In order to effectively acquire the right clients, the first step is to identify your target market. The staffing industry is grouped into three purchasing categories: boutique buyers, volume buyers, and other people.

Volume buyers are often large companies that have large staffing requirements. Booking a volume buyer seems great for business, but keep in mind that larger companies usually go for the lowest price. It’s important to determine whether you’re willing to lower your prices to compete with other staffing agencies.

Boutique buyers are companies that need to hire temporary employees with specific skills. This type of buyer is particular with the quality of employees they want to “hire”. Unlike volume buyers, boutique buyers are less sensitive to price, which means greater margins for you.

“Other people” are neither volume nor boutique buyers. They pertain to companies that don’t fit the categories mentioned above.

2.    Start Cold Calling

There’s a reason why cold calling has been around for years: it’s tried and tested. Even though cold calling is one of the more effective methods of growing your client base, you can expect that your competitors are implementing this strategy as well. With that said, cold calling won’t be effective unless you do something different.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors; by doing something unique and fun. You can start by listing compelling reasons why your target customers should choose you over the competition. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Find out how your services benefit potential clients.
  • Make it light and breezy! (Don’t overwhelm them.)
  • Plan your questions ahead.
  • Don’t push them to purchase from you.
  • Don’t read from the cold calling script; sound sincere.

3.    Determine What Your Niche Is

To limit the competition and increase your chances of acquiring more clients, be sure to choose a specific field to focus on. The niche market you choose should be in line with your expert knowledge. Having a specific type of staffing niche means you’re more knowledgeable in that certain field – something most clients are looking for. This familiarity and expertise will boost your company’s credibility, translating into both existing and potential clients having more confidence in your agency.

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4.    Do Follow Up on Leads

Sadly, several staffing companies fail to follow up on leads. While email marketing is an effective strategy, most of the emails are deleted, ignored, or sent to spam. For this reason, following up on leads is crucial. You can give your leads a quick call or SMS them and ask if they’ve received your email; and would they like to know more about your services, or you can explain best practices as they relate to hiring temporary staff. If they refuse, that’s OK. Just be sure to leave your contact details in case they’ll need your services in the future.

Aside from following up on leads, you can also check in on your existing clients. You can send them a short text message or call and ask for feedback. This helps develop and improve client relationships, which is the foundation of the staffing industry.

5.    Search for Government Staffing Opportunities

Did you know that the federal government could be a client? Staffing companies often overlook government staffing opportunities. The government has multiple branches or agencies that are looking for temporary or permanent staffing. Check out this post (6 Steps in Finding Government Contracts) which will help find government contracts that are up for bidding.

Keep in mind that just like other endeavors, government contracting has its own set of drawbacks. The process of applying and qualifying for government contracts can be a full-time job. If you’re interested, you can ask one of your employees to look for government contracts.

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