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The success of your hotel depends greatly on the positive image and reputation of your business. For this reason, you need employees that will represent your company’s visions and values – people who will work with you to achieve your goals as a company. However, hiring the perfect employee is easier said than done, given that the industry has a turnover rate of 70%. You need to invest time, effort, and money to find the best people for your business. If working capital is an issue, you can apply for hotel business loans to provide you with the funds you need to kick-start your hiring process.

From hotel management (general managers, group sales) to front-of-the-house (front desk, bellhop, concierge), the hotel industry offers a plethora of career options. There are certain factors you need to look for in an applicant to ensure success. Here are some of the qualities you should consider:

1.    Works Well Under Stress

There’s no doubt that running a hotel is stressful. All of your employees must be patient and resilient in times of stress and they must be calm and decisive in getting tasks done. Another crucial factor you need to consider is how they handle guest feedback. They should be able to provide solutions to rectify the concerns of your guests and turn a bad experience into a positive one which will reflect on the reputation of your company brand.

2.    Leadership Skills

All your employees – not just managers and supervisors – must possess strong leadership skills. They must have the initiative to step up and handle any situation that comes their way. You’ll feel at ease knowing your team can efficiently address problems that may arise.

3.    Interpersonal Skills

Look for applicants who know how to listen attentively and absorb directions and criticism. Look for interpersonal skills, such as active listening, responsibility, dependability, motivation, patience, empathy, and more. The lack of interpersonal skills makes it harder for your team to complete and navigate through day-to-day tasks.

4.    Familiar with Technology

Technology is constantly changing; looking for ways to improve people’s lives. From chat-bots, artificial intelligence to augmented and virtual reality, technology undoubtedly plays a huge role in the hotel industry. Potential employees need to be technologically savvy so they can easily adapt to ever-changing technology.

5.    Experience

Rather than training new employees from scratch, hiring ones with experience can help you save time and effort. However, even though the ones you hire may have experience, it’s still important to give them a refresher on rules and regulations when running a hotel.

Hotel Business Loans for Your Business

From background checks, job board fees to training, salary, and bonuses, hiring employees require a substantial amount of money. Hotel business loans offered by SMB Compass help cover the costs of hiring new employees. To know more about our loan programs, talk to one of our lending experts today! Call us now at (888) 853-8922 or email us at